January 2022 BIR Deadlines

Start the year right by filing and paying your taxes right on time! As we both prepare for another challenging tax season ahead, here’s a tax calendar we’ve prepared to keep you updated on the upcoming BIR deadlines for the month of January 2022.

Jan 11e-Filingof BIR Form 1601-C (eFPS Group E)
Jan 12e-Filingof BIR Form 1601-C (eFPS Group D)
Jan 13e-Filingof BIR Form 1601-C (eFPS Group C)
Jan 14e-Filingof BIR Form 1601-C (eFPS Group B)
Jan 15e-Filingof BIR Form 1601-C (eFPS Group A)
Filing and Paymentof BIR Form 1601-C (Non-eFPS Filers)
Registrationof Bound Loose Leaf Books of Account/Invoices/Receipts and Other Accounting Records (YE 2021)
Jan 20e-Paymentof BIR Form 1601-C (Non-eFPS Filers)
Filing and paymentof BIR Form 2550M (All eFPS Filers)
Jan 21e-Filingof BIR Form 2550M (eFPS Group E)
Jan 22e-Filingof BIR Form 2550M (eFPS Group D)
Jan 23e-Filingof BIR Form 2550M (eFPS Group C)
Jan 24e-Filingof BIR Form 2550M (eFPS Group B)
Jan 25e-Filing/Filingof BIR Form 2550M (eFPS Group A)
e-Paymentof BIR Form 2550M (All eFPS Filers)
e-Filing/Filing and e-Payment/Paymentof BIR Forms 2551Q and 2550Q
(eFPS and Non-eFPS Filers)
e-Submissionof Quarterly Summary List of Sales and Purchases (Non-eFPS Filers)
Jan 30e-Submissionof Quarterly Summary List of Sales and Purchases
(eFPS Filers)