PhilHealth Rate to Increase Starting June 2022

The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) is set to collect higher premium contributions from its members beginning this June, in accordance with the Universal Health Care Act. Now at a higher income ceiling, the rates are expected to increase from 3% to 4% for all direct contributors who are earning P10,000 to P80,000 a month. 

The adjusted premium rate shall take effect in the Electronic Premium Remittance System (EPRS) and the PhilHealth Member Portal starting with the payments and remittances for the applicable month of June 2022. Since a supposed increase was suspended last January due to the pandemic, differential payments for January to May 2022 may be settled with the state health insurer until December 2022 without interest.

The new premium contribution schedule is as follows:

YearMonthly Basic SalaryPremium RateMonthly Premium
2022P10,000.00 and below4.0%P400.00
P10,000.01 to P79,999.99P400.00 to P3,200.00
P80,000.00 and aboveP3,200.00

Under the Universal Health Care Act, the premium rate shall increase by increments of 0.5% every year starting from 2.75% in 2019 until it reaches 5% for both 2024 and 2025, while the income ceiling shall also gradually increase by P10,000 every year starting from P50,000 in 2019 until it reaches P100,000 for both 2024 and 2025. 

With the legislated annual increase, PhilHealth assures its members a continuous and equitable access to its services which includes the provision of affordable health insurance coverage and the extension of adequate financial protection against hospitalization costs.

Source: Philippine Health Insurance Corporation Advisory No. 2022-0010