BIR e-Registration

Tired of queuing just to get your Tax Identification Number? Well, not this time. Under the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion Act, the Bureau of Internal Revenue through its Revenue Memorandum Circular No. 118-2019 announces the availability of eRegistration (eReg) System to Corporate or Non-Individual Taxpayer-Employers.

This eRegistration (eReg) System is an application system where registration services such as TIN issuances for individual taxpayers, payment of Registration Fee for both newly-registered and existing taxpayers and issuance of Certificate of Registration for Single Proprietors, Professionals and Mixed-Income earners who are newly registered online.

How to access eRegistration System?

The eReg system shall be available for use by all Corporate Taxpayer-Employers. Duly registered Corporations shall enroll an authorized user who shall access the system and perform the aforementioned transactions.

What is eTIN?

eTIN is also a web-based application system that allows online issuances of TIN to taxpayers. All individuals classified as Single Proprietor, Professionals, Mixed Income earners, Local Employees, and Persons in need of TIN for E.O 98 purposes are qualified for TIN issuance via eTIN. All TIN issued through this online facility are valid, permanent and free of charge TIN. Only one TIN shall be given to a taxpayer and any person who shall secure more than one TIN shall be criminally liable. The Basic Taxpayer Data page ensures that all users registering through eTIN do not have existing TIN. The Bureau also assures that the security features of eTIN are embedded on the system. According to the Bureau, the transmission of data on every transaction is encrypted and secured by the state-of-the-art technology provided by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) which is the industry standard protocol for secured Web-based communications, and VERISIGN. User validation or authentication is handled by the system’s log-in facility.

Does eReg requires fee?

eReg does not requires any fee. The process is absolutely free of charge.