Benefits of Outsourcing Services

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is engaging with an outside party to perform a certain function, such as create goods or perform services, which are normally completed in-house by the Company’s employees and staff.

How do outsourcing help?

  1. Reduce costs
    Outsourcing can help reduce labor and overhead costs significantly. Recruitment and hiring of permanent full time staff to complete a piecemeal work can be more costly.
  2. Focus on core tasks
    Time, costs and other resources can be utilized towards the more value-added objectives of the Company. Skills can be concentrated on strengthening and improving the core processes of the business.
  3. Continuity and risk management
    Outsourcing provides a level of continuity while reducing the risks provided by unexpected circumstances.
  4. Quality service
    Outsourcing time-consuming tasks will get core processes done quicker. The same is true with the outsourced task without compromising work quality.

Does MPCA offer outsourcing services?

Yes, M.P. Camaso & Associates offers services for internal accounting outsourcing for small businesses. Services offered are being tailored to meet the Company’s needs or requirements. We handle accounting function such as, but not limited to, day-to-day transaction bookkeeping, management financial reporting, payroll processing and other related services.

If you need a helping hand in maintaining your Company’s books, we are more than willing to assist you while you focus on your business. It has always been our mission to provide quality service to meet or exceed expectation. We are your partner in achieving excellence.